PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge
Translation Fellowship Guidelines

This document serves as the funding guidelines for the PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellowship.

Purpose of the Fellowship

This Fellowship is intended to provide salary support for a new Ontario investigator, who has demonstrated the ability to successfully complete high impact knowledge translation research. The Fellowship’s funds, dedicated to salary support, must protect at least 50% of the Fellow’s time to conduct such research.

Please note: this funding opportunity is not an additional PSI operating grant.

Definition of Knowledge Translation Research

PSI recognizes that numerous definitions exist for knowledge translation research. Please see the following PSI Foundation definition to assist with your application.

Knowledge translation research is aimed at taking research discoveries and moving them into the real world to improve health outcomes. Relevant discoveries may result from many disparate sources, including the physiologic or mechanistic studies in the laboratory setting, or findings from human trials. Therefore, knowledge translation research may involve taking observations in the laboratory and integrating them into the design of clinical studies, or may involve taking clinical research findings and encoding them into clinical policies. The latter is the knowledge translation focus of the PSI Foundation, which is more likely to directly affect the health outcomes of Ontarians. Approaches to knowledge translation could include, but are not limited to, understanding and analyzing barriers to health care availability, access or uptake; examining behavioural, organizational, financial, ethical, and cultural determinants of practice; or effectively and efficiently addressing modifiable gaps in care. Translational research of greatest interest to the PSI Foundation is multi-disciplinary and multi-method, focused on improving the processes of care and/or outcomes of care for Ontarians.

Candidate Eligibility

The applicant must be either:

  • Within five (5) years of their first academic appointment, and have demonstrated potential for high impact research work
  • Dedicate at least 50% of a full-time schedule to the Fellowship
  • A practising physician having direct patient care responsibilities and eligible to apply for his/her own research grants as an independent investigator
  • A fellow who is a practising physician having direct patient care responsibilities and who has a supervisor for the research project. The supervisor must have an academic appointment and provide the necessary research supervision and infrastructure.

Ineligible Applicants

Applications will not be considered from:

  • Residents
  • Individuals who do not hold an M.D.
  • Individuals based outside of Ontario

For more information, please contact the PSI Foundation at (416) 226-6323, or visit our website for the PSI Graham Farquharson Knowledge Translation Fellowship application forms and guidelines.

Sponsoring Institution

PSI Foundation will accept a maximum of two candidates from each of Ontario’s six academic health sciences centres. Please note: all applications are submitted through the appropriate academic health science centre; applications sent directly to the Foundation from the applicant will not be accepted.

Amount and Duration of Funding

This program offers two options for a funding timeline for salary support:

$150,000 per year for two (2) years.


$100,000 per year for three (3) years.

Please note: the Fellow is eligible to apply to the Foundation’s Health Research program for an operating grant.

The Fellowship will be offered annually.

Even though this program is primarily intended to offer salary support to protect research time the fellow may allocate up to 25% of the total award to undertake a research project.

The PSI Graham Farquharson Fellow is able to apply to PSI’s Health Research program for an operating grant.

Application Contents

Proposed Research Plan

Please provide a detailed research plan, including a protocol for planned research, a timeline of the fellowship, how protected research time will be used, matching funds currently in place and how they will be used, and how such matching funds will be obtained if not currently held

Letter of Support from Sponsoring Institution

This letter should provide an evaluation and rationale for the nomination of the candidate, addressing the following points:

  • Candidate's past performance.
  • Potential research environment for the candidate, including a description of the department/program, current faculty and health research resources and facilities available.
  • Department/program’s need for the candidate in relation to current and future research plans and priorities.
  • Assurance of protected research time and that the award will be protected if the recipient has income from other sources. The intent of this fellowship is to encourage the candidate by financial reward and/or protection of time to pursue research goals. Please note: the Foundation does not allow the award to become part of the total moneys previously paid to the recipient by the sponsoring institution.

Letter of Support from Mentor

PSI values the role of mentorship in supporting the success of the applicant during this fellowship (two to three years). Therefore, the application would be significantly enhanced with a letter from an existing or proposed mentor outlining the nature, plan, and duration of mentorship.

Support requested from PSI

PSI will consider up to 25% of the award to support a research study. Use this section to include the study’s protocol, if applicable.

Please note: PSI expects the Fellow to have a minimum of $30,000 from another source in place to undertake this study, before allocating any of these funds to the operating grant. Any institutional In-Kind support will not be considered towards this required amount.


Please use this section to include material that will strengthen this application that is not included elsewhere.

Page Limits

PSI has no specific guidelines on page limits. Please make every attempt to be as concise as possible.

How to Apply

Please contact your medical university for further information on how to apply.

Application Deadline: PSI must receive all applications from your institution by Monday, November 6th, 2017. Your institution will have an internal due date - please contact your research office for this information.

Please note: do not submit an application directly to PSI.

Maximum applications per university medical faculty are two (2) per year of eligible candidates.

Funding Criteria

Applications will be assessed on the following:

  • Candidates past research productivity
  • Research Plan- the research protocol(s) that will be undertaken during the duration of the Fellowship
  • Leveraging PSI funding: other funds in place
  • Institutional support and In-kind support
  • PSI’s internal review committee will evaluate support provided by the sponsoring institution, demonstrated by letters of support.
  • PSI’s internal review committee will seek to fund the candidate who is best able to demonstrate the ability to leverage the fellowship with funding from other sources, such as in-kind support from the sponsoring institution and/or grants from other peer review agencies.

Funding Exclusions

Listed below are the items and areas which will not be accepted for consideration by the Foundation:

  • Research in the areas of cancer, heart and stroke, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, pharmaceutical drug studies
  • Projects outside the province of Ontario

Decision Process

Applications submitted will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility. Once completeness and eligibility are confirmed, all Fellowship candidates will be forwarded to the full Grants Committee for consideration.

The internal review committee will review the full applications prior to meeting, and each application will be assessed and a successful candidate may be selected. Please note: the Foundation may not award this Fellowship. All applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision within 15 business days.

Reapplying to this program

The sponsoring institution may advance a previously unsuccessful applicant.

Fellowship Recipient Requirements

If successful, the following requirements are a condition of support:

  1. The Fellow and/or the sponsoring institution are responsible for notifying the Foundation of any significant changes to the scholar’s position.
  2. The Fellow is to provide a start and end date for the fellowship, which will also represent the start and end date of the fellowship.
  3. The Fellow is responsible for submitting an annual report for review by PSI’s internal review committee. Subsequent funding depends upon a satisfactory report.
  4. The Fellow is responsible for submitting a final report on the impact of the fellowship within three months of the end date of the scholarship.
  5. Where papers are published or presented, reprints or copies must be submitted to the Foundation. Please note: electronic copies by email are preferred to paper copies.
  6. If a portion of the award is used to fund a study, a statement of disbursement of these funds must be submitted to the Foundation at the completion of the project.
  7. When work is completed, or cannot be continued for any reason unused funds must be immediately returned to the Foundation.
  8. The Fellow must notify the Foundation of any leave to be taken that will affect the award.
  9. All publications and presentations arising from the award are to include acknowledgement of funding from "The Physicians’ Services Incorporated Foundation". Furthermore, the Foundation’s logo should be included whenever possible. An electronic file of the logo is available for download from our website.

Contact Us

Please contact us at 416.226.6323 or by email at to discuss any questions you may have about submitting an application for funding.

The deadlines for the academic institutions to send their two applications to PSI is November 6th, 2017; therefore please contact your institution for an internal deadline which will be earlier than this date.