Health Research Grants

The Foundation's support of health research is offered in the following areas, in order of priority:

Clinical Research - Clinical research is defined as research, which is of direct relevance to patient care. Studies involving animals will be considered only if the animals are required as an immediate patient surrogate and this should be indicated in a written statement attached to the application.

Medical Education Research & Development at the post M.D. level - Limited funds are available for support of research and development projects designed to assess the post M.D. educational environment such as curricula, methods and teaching resources. The Foundation recognizes that research within this area may involve teams that include non-medical researchers and consultants.

Health Systems Research - Projects of a special nature within the health care system, such as preventive medicine, care of the elderly, communications within the system, underserviced regions and ways of enhancing the effectiveness of medical practice will be considered under this category.

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